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Trove Tuesday - Zamora arrived July 1882

Following my post about Margaret HUDSON I thought I'd take a look at what newspapers said about the   Zamora which arrived Brisbane 14 July 1882

As expected the Brisbane newspapers had quite a few mentions of the ship

Prior to its arrival we have

THE QUEENSLANDER Saturday 27 May 1882
 English Shipping.—From our latest English files to hand we learn that tho Scottish Hero, barque, arrived at San Francisco, on the 3rd April from Bundaberg. The ship Zamora sailed from Liverpool on tho 28th March, and from Plymouth on the 2nd April, for Brisbane ;

The Brisbane Courier Wednesday 31 May 1882
Zamora, ship, 1180 tons, from Liverpool for Brisbane. Sailed 25th March, and left Plymouth on the 2nd April.

The Brisbane Courier Wednesday 21 June 1882 & Wednesday 12 July 1882
Zamora ship 1180 tons from Liverpool for Brisbane Sailed 28th March left Plymouth on   the 2nd April and was spoken on the 3rd April in 40° N lat and 10° W long

which according to google earth places it just off the coast of Portugal near Lisbon.

Then we have the arrival 

The Brisbane Courier Friday 14 July 1882

July 13- ZAMORA , ship 1180 tons Captain Canning from Liverpool 28th March and Plymouth on the 2nd April with 338 immigrants and a general cargo

My review of the shipping list summary says 338 embarked + 3 births equals 341 souls landed.

and this one where I think they mean July not June

The Brisbane Courier Saturday 15 July 1882
and the Zamora, ship, in Moreton Bay on the 13th June, from London, via Plymouth, with a total of 338 immigrants and a general cargo.

also reported in other Queensland regional newspapers 

some news about the ships doctor and that the voyage was 102 days.

THE CAPRICORNIAN (Rockhampton) 22 July 1882
The ship Zamora, with 338 immigrants, reached Brisbane on Wednesday from Plymouth, after a protracted voyage of 102 days. The immigrants are in charge of Dr. O'Doherty, a son of the Hon. Dr. O'Doherty, so well known here. Brisbane, 14th July, 1882

Warwick Argus Saturday 15 July 1882
July 14.
Tho immigrants by the Zamora were landed this evening.
and from the Warwick Examiner Saturday 15 July 1882 a bit more detail about arrival in Moreton Bay Thursday, brought up to Brisbane Friday 

And reported in interstate papers

THE ARGUS (Melbourne) 15 July 1882

Arrived- July 13 Derwent and Katoomba, from Sydney , Zamora, from Liverpool
And another from THE ARGUS same day which tells us about the weather on the day - is cloudy & threatening
And from the South Australian Register Saturday 15 July 1882 similar news, different order with the addition of mineral finds in Ravenswood.
The Sydney Morning Herald 15 July 1882 reported very similar news
But in the
THE LAUNCESTON EXAMINER Saturday 15 July 1882 we get some some slightly different news & a different departure point - Glasgow?
QUEENSLAND. BRISBANE, July 15   The Zamora with immigrants has.arrived  from Glasgow.  Miners are much wanted. The Chinese are leaving in large numbers for,other portions of the country,, being afraid of the European miners.

Rather more reporting that I'd expected but unfortunately no mention of any specific passenger.

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  1. Thank you for your great work. I just discovered my great-grandparents, the Glendon's, were on the same voyage. I was looking for extra information about the Zamora and came across all the detail you have collated. Not only is it well compiled but it's saved me a tremendous amount of time by potentially duplicating existing work. Many thanks.