Saturday, May 19, 2012

John Lovelace died 1811

John Lovelace is my 4 x great grandfather.   I knew he had died between June 1809 and December 1811 because he had proved the will of Margaret OWEN (died 1809, Standon Staffordshire) but died before it was fully administered and in Margaret's sister Ann OWEN (died 1814, Standon Staffordshire) will dated December 1811 a beneficiary of the will  is Frances LOVELACE late the wife of my nephew John LOVELACE.  So from that I learnt

  • given Ann & Margaret were unmarried John's mother was likely called ? OWEN - so far I've found no LOVELACE + OWEN marriages

I found the burials of Margaret & Ann OWEN but I found no John LOVELACE in Standon or Staffordshire more generally.  John LOVELACE and Frances (surname unknown & marriage eludes me for now) baptised the following children who are named in Ann OWEN's will:

  • Matilda (1791) St Andrew Holborn
  • Ann (1793) St Andrew Holborn 
  • Lucretia Betty Margaret (1801) St George Bloomsbury
  • My 3 x great grandfather John (1808) Standon Staffordshire 
  • Marcus Brutus Owen - Standon Staffordshire (baptised 1816 but obviously alive in 1811 when Ann did her will) 

There is also a John Junius Brutus son of John & Francis baptised in 1806 in St Andrew Holborn but I am unclear if this John died or if my John was baptised twice.  My John consistently gives Standon Staffordshire as his birthplace in the census.

I looked at the Index to death duty registers on findmypast.  For some reason I only originally did 1810-1811.  Recently I tried 1812 and found John Lovelace, administrator Francis Lovelace, Standon Staffordshire, Bishops Court of Lichfield.  Bingo.  I emailed Lichfield Record Office and after paying my photocopying fee this week received the administration which provides the death date as 23 May 1811 & that he was late of the parish of Standon.

Now where is he buried?  And how old was he?

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