Saturday, February 26, 2011

Had he known it was Constable Galligan, he would not have assaulted him

Continuing my exploration of Trove I find another article from The Brisbane Courier 7 August 1886 detailing an assault on John Galligan

A ROUGH-LOOKING fellow named Frank Clifford was again brought up at the City Police Court yesterday morning, charged on remand with having assaulted Constable Galligan, in Queen-street, on the 2nd August. The prisoner, it will be remembered, was "brought up on the previous Friday, but "had to be remanded, as Constable Galligan was not considered by Dr. Hobbs, Who examined the constable, to be in a fit state to give his evidence. From the evidence adduced yesterday it appears the prisoner was creating a disturbance near the Queensland National Bank, and Constable  Galligan went to arrest him, when the prisoner struck him three times in quick succession, causing serious wounds about the eyes. While being brought to the watchhouse the prisoner slipped his arm out of his coat and ran off in the direction of Elizabeth-street, but was arrested by Constable Roche. When brought up to the watchhouse, the prisoner remarked that he was sorry, as, had he known it was Constable  Galligan, he would not have assaulted him. Dr. Hill stated the wounds were of a serious nature, and that the constable was still unfit for duty. The prisoner was further remanded until the 13th instant.

The Brisbane Courier then reports on the City Police Court 13 August 1886

Mr Pinnock severely cautioned the prisoner, and said he had a good mind to send him for trial. On hearing this the accused began to cry, and said if the bench would let him off this time he would clear out of the town. When asked if he had any witnesses to call he replied in the negative, but a young man came forward from among the spectators and said he was the man whom prisoner was fighting and that the accused was drunk at the time. The prisoner was sentenced to one month's imprisonment with hard labour for the assault, and was fined £2 or forty eight hours imprisonment

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