Saturday, January 29, 2011

His services are much needed

Following the reference from HE King "he is a good man & will I think make a good bobby" John Galligan was sworn in as a recruit on 13 February 1882.  Then in July 1882, being well drilled and of good conduct, recommendation was made that he and 3 others be appointed Constables, "particularly as their services are much needed at present".

According to the Queensland Police website
Conditions were arduous and police often worked a seven day week, although they were entitled to every second Sunday free, they rarely benefited from this arrangement. A police officer worked a minimum nine hour day and often more when the situation warranted it. Leave was infrequent.
John's first station was Brisbane (Roma Street).  He almost certainly lived in the barracks, at least until his marriage in 1888.  From the State Library of Queensland -

Roma Street Police Barracks, ca. 1883
[John Oxley Library, neg. no. 65395]
The Roma Street Police Station and Barracks were erected in 1879/1880.
"This building provides barrack accommodation for about forty-five men and room for officer-in-charge. The lower floor contains cells to provide for the use of the station, if needful, as a lockup."
Queensland Legislative Assembly, Votes and Proceedings 1880, Vol II p.1007

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